Old Enough To Party But Out Of His Depth: Dry County From Rich Tommaso At Image

by Oliver MacNamee

Straight off of his Spy Seal series, which takes a break until the Fall of 2018, writer/artist Rich Tomasso has hit the ground running and revealed his next Image Comics book, Dry County, a crime series set in Miami in the late 90s.

Miami. Late 1990s—but still suffering a hangover from the 1980s. Young Gen-Xer Lou Rossi has fallen for a lady, and fallen hard. So when she goes missing, he’ll have to play amateur detective to get her back.

Tommaso explains:

Lou Rossi wants to grow up—he’s finally of legal age to drink, so all he needs now is a steady day job and a serious relationship. He seems to find the latter in Janet Laughton, while out doing his laundry one night. But the drama that comes with his involvement with her turns his new, ordered lifestyle upside down, having to deal with kidnappers, teenage gangsters, threatening letters, and Janet’s dangerous ex-boyfriends.

Dry County is set to launch in March 2018 all wrapped up in a stunning Art Deco inspired front cover. A cover you can feat your eyes on along with our preview below.