X-O Manowar Revealed In Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe First Look Photo

by Erik Amaya


Ninjak is taking on the Valiant Universe! Which means X-O Manowar (Derek Theler) is getting his first live-action adaptation, and as you can see from this first look photo Valiant CEO and CCO Dinesh Shamdasani recently posted, his look is faithfully translated.

Well, except for the helmet, the but the ship has sailed on superhero headgear at this point. Perhaps it will appear when he takes flight, making the CGI version of him easier to animate.

The upcoming series sees Ninjak (Michael Rowe) go rogue after ruthless assassin Roku (Chantelle Barry) exploits his greatest weakness. Now on the run from the Valiant Universe’s greatest heroes, Ninjak faces the greatest trial by fire of all. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers‘s Jason David Frank also stars as Bloodshot, with John Morrison as the Eternal Warrior, Kevin Porter as Armstrong, and Ciera Foster as Livewire.

The series was expected to debut in late 2017, but will likely appear sometime next year.

Erik Amaya

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