Bruce Willis Returns To Killing The Bad Guy In Death Wish Trailer

by Erik Amaya


MGM has released a new trailer for the upcoming Eli Roth directed remake of Death Wish. Bruce Willis returns to action as Dr. Paul Kersey, a doctor who becomes a vigilante after the violent death of his wife. The concept isn’t exactly fresh with five Death Wish films staring Charles Bronson, a quasi-remake in the form of 2007’s Death Sentence — based on the sequel to the original Death Wish novel — and the Jodie Foster vehicle The Brave One. But perhaps Roth and Willis can breath new life into the “vigilante because of fridging” genre.

And … this looks like a Saturday Night Live parody. From poor Elizabeth Shue getting the fridge part, actors like Dean Norris and Vincent D’Onofrio popping up at random moments and the thought of Willis as an ER doctor is just too many levels of crazy. Maybe that’s the point. The original series began with a fairly good first outing, but quickly became a joke as director Michael Winner delivered film after film of grotesque imagery and revenge fantasies often targeted at the lower classes. Roth might be self-aware enough to create some grand satire of Winner’s approach, but then again, that self-awareness may not lead to a good movie. Also, as Clint Eastwood observed years ago, you need to cast against type if you want the Kersey character to work.

Nonetheless, Death Wish returns in a new form on March 2nd.

Erik Amaya

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