The CW Superheroes Suit Up In New Ad

by Erik Amaya


It’s been a long winter break — or so it seems — without The CW superheroes, but a new ad reveals just how much fun it is to see the gang together doing their thing. Where previous team-up ads saw the various casts sparring or fighting in Danger Room-esque training scenarios, this one plays to the group’s comedic strengths as they suit up. Of course, Barry (Grant Gustin) and Kara (Melissa Benoist) get to the locker room late, but as an annoyed Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) witnesses, they only need a second to catch up.

Nice to see Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) making a special appearance while Legends of Tomorrow goes on a longer hiatus until mid February. The series will swap timeslots with Supergirl, which will go on its own hiatus until April.

But in the meantime, it, The Flash, newcomer Black Lightning and Arrow will air new episodes beginning January 15th.

Erik Amaya

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