Speculation About A New Legend of Zelda Game Emerges, But For What Platform?

by Christine Marie Attardo

Some may argue that the Legend of Zelda games have been Nintendo’s cash cow for years, next to Mario, of course. The latest release of Breath of the Wild was made available on both Switch and Wii U systems. As someone who has watched their significant other binge through the game twice, once on the Wii U, and once on the Switch, I can’t imagine that Nintendo would stop with one game.

Speculation has been circulating since the book Master Works, was released in December. It’s a companion art book to Breath of the Wild. 

Gamespot shared:

The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has confirmed that his team has begun work on a new entry in the long-running and critically acclaimed series. According to Game Informer, Aonuma shared this update in the new Breath of the Wild artbook, Master Works.

At this point in time, a platform has yet to be decided. Nintendo doesn’t shy away from attempting different platforms because of how many systems they have. Even Mario and the Animal Crossing team have made it to mobile devices this past year.

I highly doubt we’ll be running around with Link on our phones, but my gut feeling tells me whatever this new game may be, it will be released on the Switch. After all, Breath of the Wild has made Nintendo tons of money. The ability to use the motion controls in the game definitely enhances gameplay as a whole.

t would be silly for them to not continue on this path they’ve created. The catalog of big-ticket games for the Switch is still pretty limited compared to the 3DS systems. I think they should expand where they need it the most. What do you think?

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