Exactly How Many New Villager Updates Will There Be For Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?

by Christine Marie Attardo

It’s a new year and that means more Animal Crossing fun is coming. I’m happy to report, another Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update has arrived and the villagers keep coming! With each update, I find myself equally as excited as the last time.

As more villagers become available, the game becomes never-ending. So, I got to thinking…just how many Animal Crossing villagers are there?

The last full Animal Crossing game, New Leaf brought their villager total to 333 villagers not including special characters. Now, you could only have 10 villagers in your town at a time. While Pocket Camp has a similar mechanic, the ability to interact with other villagers outside of your chosen residents is huge. With that said, will we be getting 333 villagers in the mobile game?

I suppose it’s possible. Because certain characters are only available when you reach a certain level, it makes things goal-oriented. Hence, the unlimited possibilities to how many characters we will eventually get to see/interact with. How much is too much for a mobile game? I say, bring on the villagers!

Take a look at the latest additions and what they unlock:


I absolutely love the penguin, Sprinkle!

As a bonus, they are also doing the “Host the Most Initiative” again which allows your characters to level up way faster! That will be going on until this Saturday, January 13th. Don’t miss out because it makes a huge difference in how fast you climb levels yourself!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available on iOS and Android phones. It’s free!