Having A Domestic While Battling Gods: Mister Miracle #5 From King & Gerads

by Oliver MacNamee

After the sublime post coital bliss felt by the end of the last issue of Mister Miracle, we have a domestic, of sorts, between husband and wife as they casually break into Orion’s (the new Highfather’s) high castle, on New Genesis.

While planning a refurb of their condo – for reasons that are revealed later on in the issue and just before a crashing, crushing, dramatic cliffhanger of an ending that, if nothing else, gives more weight to the ‘Darkseid is’ statements that have littered the series thus far – Scott and Barda battle traps, guards and assorted monsters, in their determined journey towards Orion for a final confrontation.

Juxtaposition the mundanity of everyday problems and everyday life against a battle of the gods works well, emphasising not only Big Barda’s strength, but also Scott’s too. After all, as he says himself, his father was god and we know that he’s Kirby’s Jesus. American Jesus? And, while we associate Scott with escapology, we don’t consider what other powers he holds back on being Highfather’s son and having had the strength enough to survive an upbringing on Apokolips. Tom King, in this title and Batman, is creating such naturalistic, emotionally charged dialogue and making these mythological giants of modern Americana more human, more relatable. This whole series may be a superhero comic book, but it’s subject matter can often be more grounded than the subjects themselves.

Sticking with the 9 panel layout favoured by Moore and Gibbons in Watchmen does not limit Mitch Gerads’ artistic dexterity, but rather challenges his creativity and allows him to produce some very exciting, action-packed pages which flow and match the dialogue on the page in pace as fists are thrown and daring doings get done.

The revelation by Barda of why she wants to refurbish their condo is one that I saw coming, but only about a page before Scott. The final page? I didn’t. It’s a shock, but a promise that this series is about to take it up a gear, maybe? Issue 6 marks the half way point, but while the mysteries remain (Orion as Highfather? Darkseid is…) the Scott we meet here is one looking forward to a long life. I mean, you don’t plan and agree on a DIY makeover of your home if you plan to be dead, now do you?

Oh, and it also features my favourite two lines of dialogue in all of the comics I’ve read this week, which I simply have to share with you, dear readers: ‘Dude, I’m a god. I am Theology.’ In these two simply sentences the whole juxtapositioning of this comic is summed up beautifully. It’s the natural, everyday language of ‘dude’ with the humorous reminder that these are forces of immense, universal power.

That’s your linguistic analysis for today everyone! Now, go enjoy comics.

Mister Miracle #6 is available from DC Comics now.