If You’re Not Watching Hulu Series, The Path, It’s Time To Start

by Christine Marie Attardo

There are so many streaming originals popping up now a days, that it’s hard to keep track. At first it was just Netflix originals and now we have Hulu originals and Amazon Prime originals. One show that you might have scrolled right past is Hulu Original, The Path. If it had been last year or the year prior, I might have told you to keep on scrolling. While I had been pulled into the show from the beginning because of my love for Breaking Bad star, Aaron Paul, the show failed to impress many. Simply put, it’s about a cult and it had become a rather amusing thing to watch, but rarely left me desperate for more.

That is, until this current season. Last week brought the premiere of The Path’s third season, and opened with one heck of a bang. Without spoiling anything, I will say that I’ve changed my mind about the show after just watching two episodes of the third season. It has definitely reached an entirely new level of excitement. Aaron Paul’s character has gone from an outcast, to a central figure, which is awesome.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that the only reason I watch the show is for Aaron Paul, but if we are being honest, he’s the best actor in it. The cult who operates under the “Meyerism” faith, has gone through a lot of changes. All of which are affecting the eccentric group of characters. This show mixes faith with a sci-fi, fantasy type twist. While it takes place during present day, I wouldn’t be surprised if it became a bit more of a post-apocalyptic show in the future. If you don’t mind skipping previous knowledge of the first two seasons, take a look at the trailer below:

You see what I’m saying? Intense. The first three episodes of The Path Season 3 are now streaming on Hulu. New episodes are released every Wednesday.