Action, Intrigue, And Doubt Are A Riveting Blend In Go Go Power Rangers #6

by James Ferguson

Rita Repulsa has infiltrated the Power Rangers by replacing their friend Matt with a special Puttie. He’s been sowing discourse amongst the team and creating doubt to break them apart. They have no idea there’s an enemy in their midst and Rita’s plans are proving somewhat successful so far. As she prepares her next moves, will the Power Rangers be able to come together once again?

We sort of know the answer to that question because Go Go Power Rangers is set in the past of the current Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic. That doesn’t make this book any less riveting. One of the features I really enjoy with this series is how it fills in the gaps and enhances the main MMPR book. For example, this issue opens with a few pages that outline the origin of Squatt, one of Rita’s henchmen. This is a silly side character that’s not used for much more than a quick joke. We learn how he came to be in Rita’s employ and it’s actually a very interesting, albeit heartbreaking story. This wasn’t necessarily something that needed to be explained, but I’m grateful that it exists. It makes you look at the character in a new light, as well as his interactions with Rita.

This continues throughout the entire comic. With all the goings-on in MMPR with Promethea, Billy has mentioned that he was up for an internship there but it didn’t work out. We see what really happened here in Go Go Power Rangers #6. Billy is nearly crippled with self-doubt, both in and out of uniform. He fears that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a Power Ranger and that hesitation has seeped into his personal and intellectual life. This comes out in a touching monologue after Billy’s asked why he thinks he can belong here. His answer is something that many people can relate to. This feeling of not being good enough is one that so many of us go through.

Billy’s words are shown as the Power Rangers are in the midst of battle without him. He recognizes that he didn’t jump into combat because this interview was more important to him at the moment, but he’s not entirely sure where he belongs. The Rangers appear in the best light as they heroically fight off Goldar and a group of Putties. This is enhanced by Billy’s speech praising his friends and teammates, explaining how much he looks up to them. You can see why in Dan Mora’s artwork.

Mora has a real talent for facial expressions. Billy’s doubt is painted across his face. You can see it in almost every panel. Mora somehow gets these emotions to come through when the Rangers are in uniform, too. There’s a great shot of Zack as he sees Matt’s double say something to the Putties. You can’t see Zack’s face at all, but based on his body language, you can tell that he’s starting to put some pieces together. The suspicion is starting.

There are some interesting moments with Matt’s doppelganger. It appears that he’s enjoying life as a teenage human a bit too much, getting distracted from his mission. I’m curious to see how this plays out as the inherent good nature of the Power Rangers out of costume could change this creature that was made out of pure evil.

Although his double is living it up as a human, Matt is chained up in Rita’s fortress on the moon. He displays the qualities of a Power Ranger so it would have been cool to see him be chosen for the group, however I’m not certain he’ll make it out of this story alive. He doesn’t appear anywhere else, so that’s a good indicator. His possible death could further bring the team together and embolden them to continue to fight Rita and her forces.

All of this is great stuff, but what is really surprising about Go Go Power Rangers is that writer Ryan Parrott has somehow made Bulk and Skull sympathetic. Bulk is campaigning for homecoming king and from the looks of things, he’s going to be one step away from Carrie. He’s always been seen as the bumbling bully who deserves his comeuppance, but this looks like it’s going to be more cruel than anything.

Go Go Power Rangers continues its run as a riveting blend of teenage drama and super heroics. It’s just the right mix. More importantly, it’s enhancing my love for these characters that was already pretty solid as I’ve enjoyed their adventures for decades. Additionally, it’s a nice complement to the already stellar Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic, creating a one-two punch of solid storytelling from Boom! Studios.

Go Go Power Rangers #6 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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