Captain Marvel Costume Photo Surfaces Online With A Surprising Change For Fans

by Erik Amaya


It was only a matter of time before fans or tabloid photogrpahers would catch a glimpse of Captain Marvel star Brie Larson in her superhero suit. And while set-photos often show the costumes in a bad light — remember the first photo of The Flash? — Captain Marvel is kind of a big deal and the first photo of star Larson in costume is quite difficult to avoid discussing. Particularly when a key part of the aesthetic appears to have been changed.

As captured by a Page Six photographer, the Captain Marvel costume will definitely leave some fans scratching their heads thanks to a change in Carol’s color scheme. Typically blue-and-red, her costume in the photos appears to be black-and-green. It is something that will do doubt cause fan outrage as Marvel Studios failed to get ahead of this and release their own photo of Larson in costume and explain the alteration. Is there a plot reason for it? Is the green for some sort of special effect to be layered into the suit in post?

And that’s before we even ask where the sash is.

During D23 and Comic-Con International: San Diego, concept art showed Carol in her more traditional colors, so it can’t be an oversight. But now it will need to explained but quick before fans begin declaring the whole endeavor a failure. Some are already providing once explanation: Mar-Vell was known to wear a green-and-white suit, so it is possible this color scheme reflects Carol’s early days with superpowers.

But more interesting to me is the fact Marvel failed to get an official photo out there despite knowing the intense fan interest and knowing the first picture of Captain Marvel would be a big deal. Perhaps they wanted to court this controversy as their successes are kind of dull at this point. Or, considering the number of delays attached to the project, they still go get that Carol is important to people.

Captain Marvel arrives in theaters on March 6th, 2019.

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