Better Late Than Never Video Game Fun: Overcooked

by Christine Marie Attardo

Here I am, back with another Better Late Than Never Video Game Fun piece! This time, we’re in the kitchen cooking…or at least some kind of kitchen! I don’t know about you, but any game that starts with a monster made out of spaghetti and meatballs whose hunger just can’t be satisfied…is a fun game to me.

I’m talking about Overcooked, which originally released in 2016. A 4-player co-op game that involves a lot of multitasking fun with a super adorable art style.

IGN dove deep into the game play mechanics:

The local co-op cook-em-up poses the herculean challenge of asking up to four people to work together for three full minutes at a time, performing relatively simple cooking-related actions to fill food orders. It’s practically a two-button game: one to pick up things like ingredients, pans, or plates and the other to chop, cook, or wash them depending on the station you are standing in front of.

It’s actually hilarious to play. When my boyfriend and I started playing, we were super serious and silent. We quickly realized that we needed to utilize heavy delegation tactics. Yes, the game can be played by up to four players, but since it was just the two of us, we decided to give it a shot. It’s totally do-able, but intense!

Running around chopping up vegetables and trying to make it to the pot of boiling soup before it catches on fire…well, that’s just super fun! It’s an energetic, colorful game with a really funny underlying story. As you progress and get more stars from doing well, you unlock more characters to play as.

I’m still waiting to unlock the Snowman… The game is available now on Nintendo Switch and I would highly recommend it. It only costs $14.99 and because of the co-op ability there is a ton of potential for hours of video game fun!

Don’t miss out on Overcooked. 

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