5 Point Discussions – Dragon Ball Super 126

by Sage Ashford

The God of Destruction Toppo goes head to head with the Prince of All Saiyans! Can anyone defeat a man who’s thrown away everything for the chance of victory? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. With Frieza having been absolutely decimated, the battle between Toppo and Android 17 goes about as well as one could expect. Toppo’s newly created ability to destroy matter and energy alike makes it nearly impossible to inflict any damage on him, so it’s all 17 can do to avoid being hit or eliminated. But surprisingly, Frieza briefly manages to save the day by appearing at the last second to trap Toppo in an energy sphere.

This works as kind of a call back to Frieza’s original fight with Goku, where he toyed with him by trapping him in a sphere that would explode if it touched anything other than Frieza. It’s a neat trick, but instead of Frieza simply trying to kick Toppo out of the arena, he hits him with several barrages of energy that wind up having…no effect. Ugh.

2. After Jiren and Toppo get tired of dealing with the superior numbers of Universe 7, Toppo steps into the battle between Goku, Vegeta, and Jiren in order to make it a two on two battle. Presumably, their intent is to get rid of the only other threat besides Goku and allow them to pick apart the remaining three at their leisure. So the latter half of this episode focuses on Vegeta and Toppo’s fight, and sets up the major differences between the two of them. As mentioned last week, Jiren’s essentially thrown away everything he’s believed in just to help his universe survive this life-or-death tournament. We can’t tell if him becoming he’s reluctant or resentful for having to take that power on, but it’s obvious it DOES bother him that he’s been forced to such lows.

Vegeta on the other hand, goes full on arrogant bastard. He sounds more heroic than he ever has, but it’s still staying true to his character, because it’s so cocky, right? Surely to win in a desperate situation like this you have to give up SOMETHING, yet rather than resort to becoming something he isn’t, he decides he won’t give up anything at all…and he’ll win anyway. Because he’s actually tried to be someone he wasn’t before…

3. In the second call back of the week, Vegeta decides to take Toppo out with an attack that he’s used before. After he allowed Babidi to cast the Majin spell on him for the sake of power and the clarity that came with not caring about anything or anyone else, he realized that if Buu was allowed to run rampant it would take away the family he’d loved all along.

Rather than permit that to happen, he rushes into battle against Buu…but after realizing his unique powers would let Buu regenerate from anything, Vegeta decides to detonate all the energy within himself to destroy Buu completely. It’s a tragic last ditch effort, made all the more sad because…it failed. He’d thrown away his wife and child and when he finally realized that wasn’t what he wanted, it was too late, and he gave his life a second time for nothing.

This time though, Vegeta already has all the clarity of purpose he needs. He uses his unique energy as a Super Saiyan God to pierce Toppo’s destruction aura, detonating all of his energy to eliminate Toppo…but still managing to stay alive. It’s easily the best moment Vegeta’s ever had, as he manages to garner an actual victory over the second strongest “villain” in the show by fighting for his family, his student…and his pride.

4. With Toppo gone, we get to see a side of Jiren we haven’t been exposed to yet. Normally stoic, he expresses a surprising amount of disgust at Toppo for failing to defeat even a single remaining opponent. It sounds awful, but thinking about it, is he even all that wrong to be ticked? If he were to win now, he would have done ALL of the work while the rest of his so-called teammates failed to eliminate anyone at all. Just how much can a so-called “team” rely on a single person? I hope that’s all it is, but more likely Jiren’s about to reveal he’s been a villain this entire time, I guess. *sigh*

5. Next Episode: It all comes down to this! Jiren versus the remaining four members of Universe 7! With four minutes remaining, can these warriors withstand the might of the most powerful non-god in eight universes?

…Probably. I honestly can’t believe the last fight is Jiren versus nearly half of Universe 7. There are only four episodes remaining in the series, so Jiren’s really going to put the team on his back and eliminate everyone except Goku, isn’t he? That’s nuts, but then he’s been the only threat worth discussing aside from Toppo since the beginning. Still, it looks like Android 17 is going to keep putting in work next week! I’m not sure how much damage he can do to Jiren, but given Jiren’s been almost completely unscathed for fifty plus episodes, every little bit helps, I guess.

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