Murder, Mystery, And Hand Puppets: Deadhorse Takes To Kickstarter For A New Issue

by Hannah Means Shannon

Writer Eric Grissom, whose work you may know from the recently published speculative fiction Dark Horse graphic novel Gregory Suicide, and artist Phil Sloan (War of the Dead) are teaming up with colorist Marissa Louise (Galaktikon, The Wilds) on Kickstarter to produce a full color version of a new issue of Deadhorse.

The Deadhorse series is trippy, in short, combining wacky surrealist elements. It’s “about a man with nothing who finds the key to everything”. In fact, this is key makes William Pike the target of a sinister industrialist. Hoping to solve the mystery behind his father’s death, Pike heads into the wilds of Alaska with the key. Grissom and Sloan started the comic back in 2010, and Deadhorse: Ballad of The Two Headed Dog #1 and #2 have been previously published.

In this new installment of the story:

We last left William Pike drowning his sorrows in the abandoned Igloo City Hotel and mourning the loss of Edgar and Elise, who as it happens are totally not dead, though with the predicament they will find themselves in may wish they were. Will Pike spend the next three chapters of this series getting drunk and listening to the Two Headed Dog play Supercharger covers? Or will he find a way to stop the coming doom the mysterious box will bring? It’s anybody’s guess.

The campaign has reward tiers where fans can get digital copies of previous issues of Deadhorse to catch up on the madness, and if the campaign reaches its stretch goal, another comic further in the series will also be colored and delivered to backers.

Check out the campaign trailer below!

The project has already nearly met its funding goal and still has 25 days to go, so it’s a great time to get on board. The campaign will run until March 4th, 2018.

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