Titan Releases Michael Moorcock Video And Preview For The Chronicles Of Corum Vol. 1

by Oliver MacNamee

Titan’s next Michael Moorcock Library addition, The Chronicles of Corum Vol. 1 – The Knight Of Swords, is out this February 20th, 2018 and we have an interview with the man himself courtesy of the good people at Titan Comics. Not only are we sharing that, but we’ve got a peek at some of the pages from a book that features the early work of Mike ‘Hellboy’ Mignola and Kelley Jones (Batman, Swamp Thing) below. 

Prince Corum Jhaelen embarks on an epic journey of fate and vengeance through all the fifteen planes of Earth, even to the very center of time – the still, blue city of Tanelorn. Mike Baron’s take on the stunning blend of magic, heroism and wonder by acclaimed writer Michael Moorcock.

First, ahead of the preview, that interview:

Still with me? Okay, then here’s the preview too: