5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 18: “Memories Of You”

by Sage Ashford

The Black Bulls and Golden Dawn finally get to enter the treasure room of the dungeon! …But have they truly defeated the Diamond Kingdoms’ soldiers, or does something terrible await? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. With Mars down and captured, the group journeys into the dungeon’s treasure spot…and immediately starts playing with everything there. No one’s been in this dungeon in ages and it was lined with traps all throughout its corridors, but we get to the end and Yuno just picks up a scroll that could easily have been cursed. It takes Klaus to point out that maybe they should stop touching things, but I’m not mad about that. It’s easy to forget that these are a bunch of children–they’re all around fourteen to sixteen years old, so it makes sense that they see a treasure room and start touching everything.

2. Of course, Mars isn’t down and he comes back with a renewed desire to “crush the weak”, to the point that that’s roughly ninety percent of his dialogue this episode. He’s now using not one, but two different magic powers and Klaus goes on this long tangent to explain how impossible that is. Supposedly each mage can only draw from a specific elemental power, and mages typically can’t use both offensive and defensive magic.  The only trouble there is, these rules seem to be broken almost constantly, right down to Noelle having access to both healing and minor offensive spells as well. It does make Mars look over-powered to have access to both, though–he immediately seals off Luck, Yuno, and Klaus and leaves only Mimosa, Noelle, and the guy he wants to crush the most: Asta.

3. There’s a lot of flashback action this episode. First there’s a more obscured flashback from Mars as he remembers a girl from his past that made an attempt on his life. We’ll get more on that next episode, but the primary flashback is to Mimosa and Noelle’s younger years. Noelle attempts to stop Mars from using flame magic to heal himself, and gets skewered for her trouble, leading to Mimosa having to repay her efforts last episode by healing her.

While that happens, Mimosa remembers their friendship as children, until they drifted apart once their magical abilities developed. Mimosa was held in high esteem as a powerful healer, while Noelle was shunned for not being capable of controlling her powers. We’ve reached peak “lazy royals” here, as Mimosa explains that it’s not that Noelle was shunned for being incapable of using her powers after training–it’s that she ever had to try training at all. From the very beginning the idea of having to apply work to use her powers was thought of as something only peasants engaged in. Later on, we’ll see a lot of enemies to the Diamond Kingdom show up, and I’m betting a lot of it comes from the wretched way their royalty seems to approach life.

4. Even though this episode covers nearly three chapters of the manga, this episode still feels like it moves at a snail’s pace.  Asta tries to stop Mars, but Mars overcomes his abilities by attacking him with things too quick for his giant sword. Eventually this leads to Asta getting smacked through a wall and finding a new blade that he immediately uses to get back into action. This blade is smaller, making Asta much faster, but its true use is seen mid-battle: this sword has the ability to drain magic and redirect it how its user wishes. With that, Asta drains Noelle’s water magic and uses it to take Mars down once and for all.  Unfortunately…

He winds up with a diamond fragment in his torso.  Because being smacked hard enough to go through a wall of solid stone? No problem! But no one can survive being stabbed without serious medical attention, I guess.

5. Next Episode: With Asta down and everyone else incapacitated, how can they hope to stop Mars? And how is Mars able to cast two different elements of magic?

From the looks of things, we’re about to wrap up the last of this arc. There’s still a few little twists remaining, and if you were wondering what Yuno got from that scroll he read next week is for you.

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