Follow Marvel’s ‘Infinity Circuit’ Mini-Poster Ahead Of Infinity Countdown #1

by Hannah Means Shannon

In the lead up to Infinity Countdown #1, Marvel have announced a guide to the event, called Infinity Circuit.

The guide is designed to show which Infinity stones Marvel heroes currently hold at the start of Infinity Countdown #1, and also provides a description of each stone’s specific power, explaining how they can be used to rule the universe.

This guide will take the form of a mini-poster that will be available in comic shops along with the release of Infinity Countdown #1 on March 7th, but fans can download the a digital version right away (Retailers can find a file on the Diamond retailer page.).

Marvel says:

Nebula, Thanos, Drax and a Wolverine are currently in possession of some of the galaxy’s most powerful stones…but will they still be holding them in the end? As the race to collect the remaining stones gets underway, there is nothing our heroes will stop at to achieve unlimited rule over the universe!

Versions of this cosmic guide will also appear in each issue of the series of Infinity Countdown, updating fans on who holds the stones as the story progresses.