Chasing Hitler #3 Closes In On The Runaway Fuhrer As Bullets Start Flying

by James Ferguson

Taylor and Walsh are hot on the trail of Hitler, who has faked his own death and his fleeing to Africa on a U-Boat. The duo has limited resources, but they’re not giving up, especially when they’re this close. They’re about to come face-to-face with the Fuhrer. These two men are all that stand against the rise of the Fourth Reich.

Unsurprisingly, the stakes of Chasing Hitler are pretty high. We see how organized and thorough Hitler is with this issue as he prepares his next moves. Taylor and Walsh are playing catch-up, but they have the element of surprise helping them. Hitler doesn’t know that they’re on to him. All of that is about to change, though.

This is where things get pretty tense. Writer Hayley Nitz sets the tone and pace of a thriller as Taylor and Walsh head in to get a closer look. So much is riding on this mission, so it is imperative they succeed. What starts as a recon expedition quickly turns to combat as they’re spotted and bullets start flying.

Artist Jethro Morales creates some great fight scenes that are accentuated by Marie Enger’s bold colors. There’s a scene with a close-combat fist fight aboard the U-Boat that’s highlighted with a red tinge, presumably from the harsh interior light. This has the additional effect of making the battle look bloodier and more brutal than it really is. Each blow feels harder and more impactful.

Up until this point, Taylor and Walsh have been cool and collected. They look like a pair of old buddies having a grand adventure. This helps make them more relatable as we’ve become emotionally invested in their lives. They casually chat about what they’ll do back home after this is all over. In some cases, this is a surefire sign that one of them isn’t going to make it out alive.

This issue may be tense, but there are still some moments of brevity. One example is when Taylor and Walsh have to rush out to catch up to Hitler as he makes his move. The only vehicle they can find is a motorcyle with a sidecar. The two argue over who’s driving, leading to a nice full-page image with one of them confidently behind the handle bars and the other one sulking in the sidecar.

Chasing Hitler really heats up with this issue. It’s a tense and exciting thriller dealing with a frightening premise. The fate of the western world hangs in the balance and these two men are the only ones that can stop this real world evil from rising up. Let’s just hope they can survive long enough to put an end to it.

Chasing Hitler #3 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology.

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