Dynamite Kickstarts ‘Fan Gear’ Comics & Merch For Vampirella, Grand Passion, Control

by Hannah Means Shannon

Dynamite has been successfully taking to Kickstarter lately for collectible and gaming items, particularly, related to their comic properties. This time, in a first for the publisher, they are focusing in on merch. And as most fans will agree, this is a great idea.

Their “Fan Gear” campaign will include graphic novel projects and never-before-released merchandise including graphic t-shirts, art prints, trading cards, buttons, and more, and due to the nature of the campaign, fans can tailor the packages they want to receive to their interests.

Vampirella, Grand Passion, and Control are the main series that are the focus of the campaign.

Here are the details on those three projects and what’s included in the campaign:

Vampirella, the supernatural superheroine, has been a consistent lead character at Dynamite for years. As part of the Fan Gear promotion, Dynamite celebrates her origins with a “vintage-style” t-shirt design. Each Vampirella pack includes the t-shirt, an original vintage Vampirella Fan Club button, and the Vampirella and the Scarlet Legion graphic novel in digital form.

Control – a bloody political crime thriller exploring the seedy underbelly of Washington – is a creator-driven stories from Andy Diggle (Hellblazer, Daredevil, The Losers), Angela Cruickshank, and Andrea Mutti. Multiversity Comics, in their review of the series, described it as “a strong piece of genre fiction that showcases the talents of a creative team in complete ‘control’ of the situation.” Featuring a powerful t-shirt as illustrated by superstar Ben Oliver (The Authority, Ultimate X-Men), the Control pack contains also includes two 6″ x 9″ prints and the Control graphic novel in digital form.

Grand Passion is a hard-boiled crime drama by way of Harlequin romance (featuring a cop and killer who fall deliriously in love), courtesy of writer James Robinson (Squadron Supreme, Nick Fury) and artist Tom Feister. The media site Capeless Crusader applauded the project, stating, “If you’re a fan of movies like True Romance or The Getaway, you’ll have no trouble embracing the heightened passions and hard-boiled action of this (series).” Each Grand Passion pack includes a t-shirt spotlighting the gorgeous artwork of John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men, Uncanny Avengers), a set of five trading cards, and the Grand Passion graphic novel in digital form.

For higher tiers of support for the Dynamite Fan Gear promotion, rarer rewards like the Vampirella Art Adams Bust and the 12″ Vampirella statue inspired by J. Scott Campbell are available, too.

The Dynamite Fan Gear Kickstarter campaign is currently live, and can be found by visiting Kickstarter right here.

James Robinson says:

I’m super proud of my series, Grand Passion, and I love seeing the spirit of it captured here in this t-shirt. It was always a thrill seeing each new cover for the series as amazing artist John Cassaday did them. This art, now on a t-shirt, is equally exciting, knowing Grand Passion could be out there on the street for all to see.

Andy Diggle adds:

Control is a story about the exploitation of women and women’s bodies. It’s rare that you get to write a mainstream crime thriller in comics, and I’m grateful to Dynamite for giving us the opportunity. I’m proud of our work and, as ever, knocked sideways by Ben Oliver’s extraordinary cover art.

The Dynamite Fan Gear Kickstarter is live now and will run until only until Thursday, February 22nd, so take advantage of it while you can!

Here’s the trailer with further information: