Doctor Who Gets A New Understated Logo Design

by Erik Amaya

As it now seems to be tradition, Doctor Who unveiled its new logo design ahead of the season eleven premiere later this year.

The slimmer letters recall the logo of the 2004 reboot spearheaded by Russell T. Davies. At the time, he and his team decided on a busier background in lieu of overly-designed lettering. When Steven Moffat took over in 2010, the logo dropped the background in favor of thick, designed lettering which also hearkened back to the program’s original 1963 logo. Tough, it is hard to think the series will ever have a logo design simpler than that.

Over on the Twitter, fans seem to be enjoying it; though at least one person quoted the Second (and Tenth) Doctor with his famous reaction to the new TARDIS interior “Ohhh, you’ve redecorated. I don’t like it.” The fan quickly admitted to liking it, however. As for me, the lettering is nice enough. Though I wonder how it will look with “Who” on a second line for very small packaging. It does, however, looks nice in this title design demo BBC America posted to its Twitter account.

And now that the BBC has enshrined the notion that a new producer gets to change the logo, star, tone and the title theme, I can’t wait to hear what the theme song will sound like when the show finally debuts in October. But considering how early we’re getting the logo, maybe we’ll get an advanced listen of the tune before then.

Doctor Who returns in October on BBC America.

Erik Amaya

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