Final Space: First Impressions

by Tito W. James

Final Space is a SiFi animated series created by Olan Rogers for TBS. The episodes use hard-continuity and life-or-death situations for its characters.

Gary is a prisoner aboard a spaceship who makes friends with an adorable alien dubbed Mooncake. However, Mooncake isn’t just a cute extraterrestrial–it’s a planet-destroying superweapon and the evil Lord Commander wants to control it.


Despite the high number of jokes, the show isn’t very funny. Olan Rodgers voices the main character of Gary, who is basically an even more juvenile version of Star Lord. This is a shame because Olan is freaking hilarious!


Final Space has broken the adult comedy cartoon cliché of having everything be ugly as sin. The show is sublime, adding an impressive amount of color and detail to its SiFi world. The 2D and 3D effects blend perfectly and there are some incredibly cinematic action scenes.

The plot is gripping and the Lord Commander is legitimately terrifying. There are some surprisingly violent scenes and dark jokes that contrast with the cute character designs.


This is an innovative show. It’s not as funny as Rick and Morty but the Final Space‘s plot and art are unlike anything seen before in American animated television. If this show does well, we could see a more diverse line-up of adult cartoons in the future.

I look forward to seeing a world with animated epics, dramas, horror, and adventure in future television.

Be sure to check out the premier 2/26/18 on TBS!

Tito W. James

Tito W. James is a journalist writing for with a focus is on highlighting high quality independent content. His comics draw heavy influence from hand drawn animation and incorporate action and comedy into various genres.

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