Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur To Invade The Animated Series Space

by Erik Amaya


Lunella Lafayette and Devil Dinosaur are migrating from comics to animation.

Deadline reports that Disney Channels Worldwide is developing an animated series based on Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur with Laurence Fishburne’s Cinema Gypsy Productions set to produce. The series, created by Brandon Montclare, Amy Reeder and Natacha Bustos — and partially based upon Devil Dinosaur by Jack Kirby — focuses on Lunella’s struggle to navigate middle school despite being the smartest brain on the planet. She also hopes to get acceptance into an accelerated program that will allow her to fulfill her potential. And if that isn’t enough, she’s also an Inhuman who can swap bodies with a time-lost Devil Dinosaur.

It is currently unclear which of the Disney branded cable channels will play home to the series as it still in development and not yet picked up. But the premise is so strong — and the comic so endearing — that it’ll be a mere formality to get this thing on the air.

As least, I hope it will be that easy.

The comic book series has always been a critical darling if not entirely embraced by Marvel readers at large, but perhaps the coming of an animated series will help the title expand its readership.

Erik Amaya

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