Madden ’18 Ultimate League Week 2 Results

by Gary Catig

During the second week of the Madden Ultimate League, they ratcheted up the action by doubling the number of matches from the inaugural week. In total, there were eight games, all divisional action within the Legend Conference. With an increased number of matches, each player competed in either two or three games.

For the featured match up of the week, we were treated to a doubleheader as Drini Gjoka looked to bounce back from his loss last week against Trae “Tweez” Bapes. In the second game, Chris “Dubby” McFarland faced Jahmal “Musafa Jones” Daniels. Both matches were played simultaneously, which made it difficult to follow when the action was split screened.  However, the option to bounce back and forth between games provided a RedZone effect as they could cover all the scoring opportunities.

In the first showdown, Drini received the kick off and had the first possession. He kept his offense predominantly on the ground as he made his way to his opponent’s 8-yard line.  Eventually, he kicked a field goal, but he ate up four minutes off the clock.

At the start of the second quarter, Tweez positioned himself to 1st and goal and eventually passed for a 5-yard TD. Drini countered back with a huge and dominating 62-yard touchdown run. He exhibited good stick work and even flipped a defender to break free.  Before the half, Drini would add two more field goals to lead 16 – 7.

During the onset of the second half, Tweez completed a 15-yard TD pass. He would fail on the 2-point conversion but he did cut the lead to 3 points. When Drini received the ball back, he was threatening in the red zone, when he decided to run it in with his quarter back. It was a costly mistake as a big hit from Tweez forced a fumble that he recovered and ran it back for a touchdown. Just like that, there was a potential 14-point switch with Tweez up 20 – 16.  Not dwelling on the turnover too long, Drini responded immediately with a 63-yard TD pass.  Not to be outdone, Tweez had a big play of his own with a 46-yard scoring run. What a crazy back and forth.  In a matter of 55 seconds, there were three touchdowns. The score was 23 – 27, Tweez, as they entered the final quarter.

Tweez started the fourth quarter with a huge defensive stop. To add insult to injury, Drini forgot to switch his punter back into the play and managed a meager 15-yard punt. Tweez tried to put the final nail in the coffin during his possession. He attempted a risky play on fourth down that did not pay off.  Drini took full advantage with a 68-yard scoring drive, punctuated with a 26-yard run. With only 54 seconds left in the game, Tweez faced a 30 – 27 deficit. Well, he only needed two passing plays and 36 seconds to make his way into the end zone to lead 34 – 30. The game came down to the last play where Tweez came up with a timely interception to end the game.

In the other contest, Dubby took little time to make his way in to the red zone, but only came out with three points. After the first quarter, the score was 3 – 0, Dubby.

At the start of the second quarter, Musafa was knocking on the door of the end zone, but couldn’t punch it in. He settled for three points to tie it up.  Dubby responded with a quick 51-yard touchdown pass to retake the lead. Musafa answered with his own big play with a 44-yard scoring run. He added another three points before the end of the quarter resulting in a slim 13 – 10 halftime lead.

Dubby began the third quarter with a 73-yard scoring drive capped off with a 4-yard run into the end zone to regain the lead, 17 – 13. In the fourth quarter, Dubby tacked on another field goal to push the lead to seven points. He would add another 10 points to runaway with the win 30 – 13. Not much footage of second half of this game was shown due to the excitement of the first game.

Below are all the results from Week 2 action including the featured games:

Dot City K-Aus vs Tweez (W)                        15 – 21

True (W) vs Musafa Jones                             34 – 7

Echo Fox Joke (W) vs Dot City K-Aus           27 – 17

Problem (W) vs True                                     19 – 13

Drini vs Tweez (W)                                        30 – 34

Dubby (W) vs Musafa Jones                         30 – 13

Drini (W) vs Dot City K-Aus                          38 – 28

Dubby (W) vs True                                        23 – 13

Here are the standings after Week 2:

Gary Catig

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