Turn Up The Nostalgia: Kermit Is On Instagram, The Muppet Babies Are Back, And MEEP!

by Christine Marie Attardo

It all started when I found out that Kermit the Frog has an Instagram now. That was the beginning of my dive into the rabbit hole of The Muppets world and everything that comes with it.

I don’t know about you, but Muppet Babies was a childhood favorite of mine and the news of the relaunch brought a bunch of happy nostalgic thoughts to the forefront. This week, the theme song to the new show was released. Along with that came some very important dates…

From Oh My Disney:

Muppet Babies are making our dreams are come true! This morning, Disney Junior announced that the reimagined Muppet Babies series will debut in two back-to-back episodes on March 23 at 10 a.m. EDT on Disney Channel and in the DisneyNOW app. We also finally get to hear the full theme song, which we can’t stop singing. The catchy tune is sang by Broadway star of Hamilton Renée Elise Goldsberry! If you thought this track was fire, prepare yourself for more songs from the soundtrack releasing tomorrow, February 23.

Listen to the song here.

Even though I’m way too old to watch The Muppet Babies, I’ll be interested to see how the show pans out. Apparently, each episode will follow what would happen in each Muppet’s imagination. Well, that just sounds fantastic to me.

…and just when you thought I didn’t have any more Muppet news to share…

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