Pokemon Day 2018: “Alexa, I Want To Talk To Pikachu”

by Christine Marie Attardo

Well, I think we’ll be able to talk to just about anyone with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, as Pikachu was just added to the list. I hope it was a happy Pokemon Day for you, and this was something that brings a smile to your face. I can’t help but shake my head. Here’s the thing, Pikachu only says…one word.

Here is some of the description for the feature:

Ask Pikachu to “use Thunderbolt,” and hear if it’s in the mood to use its electrifying move! Say “tell me a funny story,” and Pikachu will spin a yarn as only it can. If it’s your special day, just ask Pikachu to sing “Happy Birthday to You.” Even something silly like “say ‘pizza’ 10 times” will get Pikachu chatting!

I mean, it sounds cool! However, I just don’t see how it’s going to work. I’m really hoping it isn’t because Pikachu speaks English with the app feature. It really freaks me out when Pokemon are able to do that. Only Meowth should be able to speak English. Are you with me, Pokemon fans?

Pikachu Talk is available now on Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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