The Midnight Tiger Strikes In Actionverse #7 From Action Lab Entertainment

by James Ferguson

Actionverse has focused on The Stray with its first story arc. This April, the spotlight will turn to the Midnight Tiger with Actionverse #7 from Action Lab Entertainment. The character popped up in earlier issues, but here he’ll be taking center stage. The issue kicks off a four-part story arc called “Stronger” written Vito Delsante based on plots from Midnight Tiger creator Ray-Anthony Height, illustrated by Eric Van Elsande, colored by Wilson Ramos, and lettered by Justin Birch.

Stronger” picks up as new villains invade Apollo Bay and Gavin Shaw (aka Midnight Tiger) must balance his school life with these latest threats. The legacy of the hero Lionsblood will change Gavin’s life forever.

Creator Ray-Anthony Height comments:

This new chapter in Midnight Tiger’s Actionverse history will be incredibly exciting! Guaranteed to bring in a whole new crop of readers.

Vito Delsante adds:

Don’t let the Teen Rating fool you; this is an all-ages comic with a lot of action and character.

The Actionverse series has been pretty solid so far. I like the idea that it will shift focus to different characters too. Look for Actionverse #7 at your local comic shop on April 25th, 2018. It is currently available for pre-order.