5 Point Discussions – Garo: Vanishing Line 19: “Farewell”

by Sage Ashford

Sword, Sophie, and Luke infiltrate GarEden’s main tower!  What will they find inside? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. You might have assumed the group would wait until Gina returned before they infiltrated the home of GarEden, but the events of last episode have put a bit of a clock on things. We don’t exactly know what the “true” El Dorado is, but given the incomplete version is one in which the Horrors have set up an entire metropolitan city full of humans where they can feed on them without fear of ever getting caught because they control *every* remotely important level of political power, no one wants to see what additional features come in the complete blu-ray edition.

So, this episode sees them walk into the Lion’s Den, but only after learning a bit of information about GarEden’s history. They started out as a tiny software company before experiencing massive growth after a merger with another company, CygnusRam-Tech.  If you forgot, CynusRam-Tech was the company holding the experiments that eventually caused a building to explode and take out the school where Sword’s sister lived. We’re winding down into the final episodes so a lot of these plot points need to converge, so Sword now realizes how intertwined his and Sophie’s destinies are.

2. It’s a shame this week’s fight scene doesn’t get as much time as it deserves.  The Queen goes up against Sword and Luke, and things turn out pretty even as she single-handedly blocks both their attacks with ease.   Of course, Sword wasn’t transformed and the fight didn’t last very long at all, because the Queen only popped up to distract them long enough for them to lose Sophie.

Still, with only five episodes left I’m starting to wonder if we’ve got too many villains.  Bishop, Knight, Queen, and whoever King is.  Even if you assume King is Sophie’s brother and can be talked out of his evil plan,  there’s still three villains to be taken out in rapid succession.  Now the show runs the chance of feeling like it has a rushed ending because none of them were given a proper ending to their stories.

3. This question that seems absurd, since given how Horrors work you’d think that it’d happen, but: How does the Makai Order handle traitors?  Makai Knights are one thing. They go dark sometimes, like in 2013’s Garo: The One Who Shines in the Darkness live-action series, but you don’t ask as many questions then.  A Dark Knight could kill any Horror that tried to eat him, and would be too powerful for the Order to hunt.   But a Makai Alchemist?

During the team’s infiltration, they run into an employee of GarEden that tells them all the employees have been consumed by monsters.  They run deeper into the building and this seems to be a true statement, with the Queen’s man-eating plants running rampant and bodyparts strewn everywhere.  They get distracted briefly by the appearance of the Queen, and then suddenly we see Bishop’s final plan: a Makai Alchemist they turned over to their side, who’s been disguised as the last human alive and snatches Sophie away.

You’d also figure the Order has some kind of procedure for it, because this guy got exiled after it was revealed he’d been experimenting on humans.  Which begs the question of why exile the guy instead of just killing him?  It’s clear his respect for human life was nonexistent.  But it seems insane an Alchemist would even defect.  Horrors eat humans.  How do you work for someone that thinks you’re a Happy Meal?

4. To Sophie’s credit, she does her best to escape and make her way back to everyone.  Y’know, over time Sophie has really won me over.  She was a young girl placed into a high-risk situation, and she’s continually done the absolute best she could to stay alive without ever being much of a burden on Sword or the others.   She only needs saving because the Horrors are specifically going after her, and even then she often gets free based on her own ingenuity.

Still, she gets dragged into the lower levels of GarEden where the “true El Dorado” lies, and it seems like the experiment is to submerge all human consciousness into a single pile of goo, NGE-style.   She escapes and eventually finds her brother’s office, but finds something specifically creepy: tons of letters, written by her.  This is the first time since I came up with my theory that Martin was actually the “King” of these Horrors I feel shaken in my beliefs.   If he’s King he shouldn’t need convincing to keep working on the El Dorado project, unless a new kind of possession where he kept his personality was going on.  That would only slightly alter the Horror modus operandi, so it’s not like it would be new.

5. Sword and Luke catch back up to the Alchemist and separate Sophie from him and the Queen, but it’s a lost cause.  Attacked by both the Queen and Bishop, there’s really not much they can do aside from barely hold on.  Sword chucks the Garo Blade right through the Alchemist’s chest in one of the funniest/coolest scenes of the episode, but even that’s not enough.  As expected, Bishop betrays the Alchemist by shoving a bomb in his mouth and chucking it at Sword and Sophie.

Sword uses his Garo power to take the explosion, which knocks him out long enough for Bishop to snatch Sophie up again and bring her back to the area with the true El Dorado.  Seems like there’s nothing that can keep her from the King, as she’s tossed into a strange pool at the center.   Sword follows shortly after, and the two are transported into completely separate worlds, both featuring their lost loved ones.

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