Rick Famuyiwa To Adapt Charles Burns’ Black Hole

by Erik Amaya


Former The Flash feature director Rick Famuyiwa is not done with comic book adaptations.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker behind Dope will adapt Black Hole. Based on the series by writer and artist Charles Burns, the story delves into a Pacific Northwest town where a group of high schoolers find themselves afflicted by a sexually transmitted disease known as “the Bug.” The disease mutates its carriers and turns them into grotesque creatures. While the series was set in the 1970s, it is unclear if Famuyiwa will update the tale to a modern time frame.

The project has been in development for ages with names like Neil Gaiman and David Fincher attached.

This will be Famuyiwa’s second attempt to adapt a comic book property. He was previously attached to Warner Bros. Pictures The Flash feature, which molted into Flashpoint following his departure. According to reports, the director and studio could not agree on tone or plot.

Black Hole is not yet scheduled for release.

Erik Amaya

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