New Characters And A Whole Lot Of Bullets In Chasing Hitler #4

by James Ferguson

Taylor and Walsh have tracked down Hitler who has been on the run after faking his own death. Before they could capture the Fuhrer, Taylor takes a shot to the gut. Some time later, the duo picks up the search again, aided by a new ally, but will that be enough to catch Hitler?

The answer to that question is…sort of. Chasing Hitler #4 was supposed to be the conclusion of the series and while there are some aspects to it that come to a close, it really feels like the beginning of an entirely different comic. This is especially true of the introduction of a new character, a smuggler named Anna. She feels shoehorned into the series and quickly becomes a third wheel to Taylor and Walsh.

Anna is immediately shown as a strong, independent woman. She looks like she could easily take out Taylor and Walsh if it came to a fistfight. She’s smart and she doesn’t take any crap from anyone. While she does feel thrown in at the last minute, Anna is a nice addition to the team.

The action is heightened in Chasing Hitler #4. While there are moments of brevity, it is practically wall-to-wall fight scenes with bullets and fists flying every which way. Artist Jethro Morales choreographs these sequences well, capturing that cinematic intensity. You might hear a booming soundtrack in your head while reading this issue.

The plan they hatch is a little convoluted and seems out of the norm from what the tactics they’ve used to date. It involves dealing with a corrupt ship captain to try to get some more information that quickly turns into a firefight. Then it spirals into a strange art deal and more bullets. Since this was supposed to be the end of the series, this feels like the creative team is trying to cram a lot of stuff into the final chapter.

This wouldn’t be too bad if there was a satisfactory conclusion. Instead, it serves as a possible introduction to something else, while not wrapping up the main plot thread, which is Hitler escaping. He’s still out there and Taylor and Walsh are no closer to capturing him. I am curious if writer Hayley Nitz is aiming to continue the series in some way because there’s a lot left open. While Chasing Hitler has a terrific hook, it doesn’t quite deliver on it by the end.

Chasing Hitler #4 is currently available at your local comic shop or digitally through ComiXology.