Archie Comics Characters To Get The Bollywood Treatment

by Erik Amaya


In a somewhat surprising move, the Archie Comics characters will feature in a Bollywood epic all their own.

The comic book company announced today their partnership with Graphic India to create “a live-action, theatrical film based on the iconic Archie Comics characters, bringing Archie and his friends to life, Bollywood-style.”

While still in the early stages of planning, the script will see Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge and the rest of the Riverdale gang re-imagined as Indians, with other elements of the teen universe translated to the local culture.

“Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead have been a source of inspiration for numerous Bollywood films over the years, and now it’s time to take them fully into Bollywood in an exciting new twist of a story that we have planned,” said Graphic India Co-Founder & CEO Sharad Devarajan in a statement. “These characters have held a special place in the hearts of Indians for decades and we have no doubt that the new Indian cast of Archie and the gang will be an exciting moment for the country.”

Updating the characters has been enormously successful for Archie Comics with the continued success of Riverdale and the interest in the upcoming Netflix series based on Sabrina the Teenage Witch starring Mad Men‘s Kiernan Shipka.

No release date for the film has been announced.

Erik Amaya

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