Wizards, Superheroes, And Strawberry Enthusiasts: Meet Three Inspiring Real People

by Tito W. James

Three individuals remind us that our passions can be transformative. Love of magic, superpowers, and strawberries can make us better people. I hope that by learning about these individuals, it with help you rethink your geek-passions not as passive entertainment but as tools to reshape the world.

A woman takes being an Otaku to the next level with her strawberry-themed life.

Meet the real life Batman who might not be who you’d expect.

A man with genius-level intellect becomes wizard who raises unicorns and hunts for mermaids.

Tito W. James

Tito W. James writes action adventure comics for all ages that juxtapose creepy content with beautiful imagery. He is the mastermind behind CROSSBONE JONES and GANGSTERS VS GATORS. Tito’s goal is to create comics that capture the bombastic fun of old comics with the emotional resonance of new ones. ​