“Praise The Sun!” People Are Really Excited About The Solaire Of Astora Amiibo

by Christine Marie Attardo

I’ll start off by saying that my knowledge of what it takes to survive playing Dark Souls is purely based on watching my boyfriend play, and occasionally rage at his computer screen. After some research, it seems that he is in excellent company as it is Dark Souls’ mission to make you angry while you play. However, I can relate to such rage as I tend to be that way with Blizzard’s Hearthstone. 

The funny thing about frustrating games is, this doesn’t really lessen the likelihood that you’re going to keep playing and be excited about a new release. In this case, Dark Souls is getting a Nintendo Switch reboot.

While it’s exciting for news of the fandom, particular attention is being drawn to this odd figure…

What I’ve gathered is Solaire of Astora is an oddly positive character in the midst of a dark and terrifying world. He has quite a following.

According to Business Insider:

Switch owners will get to experience the gut-wrenching frustration and — perhaps, if they’re persistent — the glory of overcoming the odds in “Dark Souls” when it launches on the Switch…”Dark Souls” is getting a visual overhaul in “improved framerate and resolution,” according to Nintendo.

All in all, it’s a good day for fans of the game. Dark Souls will release on the Switch May 25, 2018 for $40. Solaire of Astora will release the same day.