5 Point Discussions – Garo: Vanishing Light 23: “My Sister”

by Sage Ashford

Sophie has to deactivate EldoNet before its too late! Meanwhile, Sword and the others wind up battling King and the remnants of his army. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. Since Garo: Vanishing Line premiered, fans have been wondering if this show connected to the previous two. This episode answers that in the affirmative, as a monologue from King tells us not only are they tied together, but apparently King came along and killed the casts of both.  It makes sense; they’ve been building him up as this monstrous threat for the 20+ episodes, and nothing gets that across better than saying he’s already been successful at beating down the Makai Knights already.

Still, this highlights the biggest problem with Vanishing Line: Sword is invincible. That’s not the worst problem in the world since the story isn’t mostly about him, but if you were looking for the story where a character struggles to overcome the odds, Sword’s not the one to give it to you. Even in this final fight against King, when things are supposed to be an “all hope seems lost” sort of situation, Sword’s never in any danger. They toss him into the proverbial lion’s den twice–once when he and Sophie enter the virtual world King is supposed to rule over, then a second time when King consumes him and Zaruba in that world. And neither really matters.  He’s never bruised, never bloodied, never concerned.

Sometimes I like my heroes that way, but Sword’s so boring about it. Invincible heroes should at least try to be self-aware–if you knew you’d never lose a fight, you’d be a little cocky–but Sword’s “just doing his job”. Zaruba powers up his sword and he cuts King in half with such ease it was barely worth having the guy around.

2. Gina and Luke make it into El Dorado to continue their fight, with Luke going up against Knight…and it goes only slightly better than the first time. Y’know, when Knight sliced him up and knocked him off a building? This time he only gets Knight’s naginata shoved into his shoulder.

It’s all a matter of keeping Knight distracted long enough for Sword to stop King, taking damage but lining the roof of the building they fight on with talismans, creating a complex attack spell. It’s a cute trick, but leaves me wondering: why didn’t Luke eventually become a Knight? The Garo armor isn’t the only Makai Knight suit–2013 series “The One Shining in the Darkness” had no less than three heroes wearing armor, with a fourth corrupted Knight. Garo series aren’t usually afraid to have more than one armor, so what happened here?

Luke’s story isn’t really to get revenge for what Knight did, but having it end like this is still frustrating. Knight isn’t even slowed down by this, and just as he’s about to kill his son, decides to leave instead after realizing he can’t get the fight he needs from Luke.

3. Meanwhile, Gina finishes off Queen with extreme prejudice. It’s everything you wanted from an epic showdown, with Gina pulling out all the stops to take out the biggest protector of King.  She crashes her (recently fixed) car into Queen, busts out a giant gatling gun, and finishes off with two spears to dice her in half. I complained about how this was going to break down into a “girl fight”, but this battle was actually pretty awesome and I would’ve taken an entire episode of it if it had come a few weeks earlier.

There is a problem here though; during the fight, Gina just casually drops that Queen was a former Makai Alchemist. It’s one thing if they’re all Horrors in service to the Ring, but to give the Queen a backstory through a line of dialogue? That only makes me realize you didn’t bother to develop who she was.

4. The weirdest part of this episode–and the series overall-is Bishop. His character has been following King, but there’s been no devotion to it–he lacks the blind loyalty Queen and Knight seem to have, and instead has been doing his own thing this entire time. You expect some major master plan, but…we get nothing.

Plunged into the virtual world, Sophie is guided by Sword’s sister Lizzy to find the password to shut down EldoNet once and for all. They break into the system and start looking for the password, but Bishop finds them. Now logically you’d expect the two of them to be dead, but Lizzy has enough control over the system to protect them with a barrier. Bishop throws some token resistance, but nothing serious. He puts in zero effort of his own, just watches as Sophie eventually gets through to her brother via her earnest desire to protect everyone, then leaves once she finds the password.

If the next episode doesn’t explain what this guy’s deal is, I’m going to be pretty disappointed.

5. Sword takes out King with such ease I’d almost thought the episode was a joke. Up until the final minutes, I expected a fake out where the heroes failed and everyone was dead, which would have made me extremely upset. But no, Sword plunges into the virtual world of EldoNet, gets consumed by King but becomes Garo v.3 and bifurcates the guy. Case closed, and he’s riding towards the exit of the virtual world when he runs into an evil version of the Garo armor.

Is this Knight? Did he somehow find an upgrade of his own? Well, since there’s only one episode left…probably? Guess we get one more fight to see how Sword fares against someone who’s meant to be his equal in battle.

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