The Beauty Of Horror Gets Monster-Sized With Giant Coloring Prints Set

by Brendan M. Allen

From the Pages of Alan Robert’s Bestselling Horror Coloring Book Series Comes The Beauty of Horror: Ultimate Nightmare, Deluxe Coloring Set.

Creator Alan Robert returns with The Beauty of Horror: Ultimate Nightmare, Deluxe Coloring Set from IDW. There are twelve oversized illustrations that you can color and frame and each 12” x 12” MONSTER-sized print has large spaces and one-sided, deluxe coloring format.

This print collection includes fan favorites from The Beauty of Horror Volume One, Volume Two: Ghouliana’s Creepatorium, Volume Three: Haunted Playgrounds, and features three, brand-new Alan Robert exclusives.

When asked about the thinking behind the title, the Life of Agony bassist explains:

Beauty of Horror fans can finally decorate their walls with their GOREgeous artwork for the very first time, which also means they’ll be inviting Ghouliana into their homes. So, don’t blame me when her hollowed eyes creep you out from across the room! Yeah, I’d say Ultimate Nightmare is aptly named.

The Beauty of Horror: Ultimate Nightmare, Deluxe Coloring Set by Alan Robert will be available in both comic shops and bookstores in September 2018 from IDW Publishing.

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Brendan M. Allen

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