Venom Scene Featuring The Symbiote Leaks On Line

by Erik Amaya


When studios come to conventions, they really should be prepared for their specially-tailored footage to leak. This is doubly true if their relationship with the fans tends toward the rocky side. Case in point: a new trailer for Sony’s upcoming Venom was scheduled to debut at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Monday. But a few hours before its arrival, this short but key bit of footage hit social media. It features star Tom Hardy turning into Venom.

The creepy and downright odd moment is certainly the button missing from Sony’s first public trailer for the film. Released a few months back, it lacked for the symbiote and left fans wondering if the creature would appear at all. Or, at least, that was the joke many leaned into at the time. Now, a new reaction to the strange animation is surfacing.

It is unclear if Sony will release the trailer or it is more of a sizzle reel meant for press and exhibitors at CinemaCon. Previous years have seen the longer clips, intended to sell theater owners on upcoming films, leak and sink films. The press around Venom has not been kind and it could definitely use a PR win in the months to come.

Venom opens on October 8th.

(h/t: CBM)

Erik Amaya

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