‘Leo Getz Hitched’ In Lethal Weapon 2.19

by Ben Martin

[PLEASE NOTE: This recap of Lethal Weapon: Season 2, Episode 19: Leo Getz Hitched DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS. It is assumed you have already viewed the episode. If you have not, it is recommended you do so. Episode 19: Leo Getz Hitched can be seen on Fox On-Demand or via your preferred streaming service.]

In mere weeks, Season 2 of Lethal Weapon will conclude. Overall, I’ve found said season to be a bit of a mixed bag. Thankfully, the mixed bag has contained mostly goodies. For example, if you read my read recap of Episode 2.18: Frankie Comes to Hollywood, you know that I think it has been one of the best installments in this season as well as the series as a whole. Thus, following that up was going to be a challenge. One which, the episode recaped here, ‘Leo Getz Hitched’ had to answer.

The episode opens with seemingly little to no connective tissue to its predecessor. Riggs (Clayne Crawford) and Molly (Kristen Gutoskie) are now happily back together. Plus, Ben’s (Duncan Joiner) birthday is right around the corner, so Riggs’ new family dynamic is back in full-swing. However, our hero does become a bit concerned when he spots a Trans-Am parked across the street from Molly’s. Neither he nor Molly them recognize the car; so they shrug it off. Alas, once the driver of the vehicle spies them, he peels off.

Meanwhile, Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) has more to worry about than just some nameless ride. Leo Getz (Thomas Lennon) is getting married, and Murtaugh and Trish (Keesha Sharp) are in attendance. Even better, Murtaugh’s the equivalent of Leo’s best man. You can imagine how thrilled he is about such a position. However, Leo’s betrothment soon becomes a much smaller concern for our protagonist. While taking the trash out before heading to the wedding, Murtaugh spots a pregnancy test among his garbage. Such a discovery of course, immediately raises concern.

The groom Getz is having a wedding in such a way that only he can. That being as cheaply as possible and with all his shady clients in attendance. There’s an issue however in that his bride-to-be, Nina (Shakira Barrera), is absent. According to Leo, he hasn’t talked to his fiance since last night. Thus, Murtaugh calls Riggs, and the two go over to check on Nina. Alas, she’s not there either; but a dead man with a stiletto heel is; he is identified as Carl Yun, a mob enforcer, and hitman. Adding to this whole mess is that Nina has a criminal past; not to mention that she and Leo have only been together six weeks.

After getting Bailey (Michelle Mitchenor) to trace the Trans-Am, they find the car is a stolen. Following this fact, Riggs has his colleague put a protective tail on Molly; despite Bailey’s objections. As with the previous episode the events keep on coming. Leo announces for the whole station to hear that he has found his bride incumbent. It turns out Nina’s with her ex, Victor (Nick Gracer) at his underground fight club. Unfortunately for and unbeknownst to the boys, Leo tags along, and the annoying attorney’s unwelcome presence leads to a gunfight. Thankfully, our heroes are victorious in the said firefight; plus they find Nina. Once in interrogation, Nina isn’t willing to explain the dead man with a shoe in his head; nor the kilo in her bag.

Only after some convincing from her groom-to-be and coincidentally, her attorney, does she start giving up details. You see, Nina moonlights as a waitress at an underground poker game, hosted by Victor. At these games, anything can be used as collateral. According to Nina, a bag of collateral cocaine fell into her lap. Once the rightful owner of the cocaine found out, he sent Carl to kill Nina and get the blow back. Speaking of such, another kind of blowback also comes into play as the tail Riggs had put on Molly reveals that she was seen in a grocery store parking lot; talking with the driver of the Trans-Am. When Riggs ask his girlfriend about the occurrence, she’s none too happy to find that he was having her tailed.

Meanwhile, our heroes have bigger fish to fry as they go to bust one of the underground poker games. While perusing the collateral, Riggs spots a promise ring. The same kind of promise ring he saw at Molly’s days earlier. According to Molly, the ring was one that Jake (Linds Edwards) had given her in high school. As a fight breaks out, Riggs spots the provider of the ring; his old pal, Jake, who sees him as well. While Riggs is engaged in fisticuffs, Jake makes a break for it, escaping in his Trans-Am. Following this, Riggs puts out a BOLO on his old friend. Not surprisingly, Jake’s return creates issues for our hero and his lady. You see, Molly doesn’t want Jake back in her life, but she didn’t want to make things more complicated either. Riggs convinces Molly to tell him where Jake is staying.

Riggs tracks Jake down to a cheap hotel nearby. Jake claims that he’s only come back to see his son, but Riggs knows there’s more to the visit. The old Texas duo’s little heart-to-heart doesn’t last long though as some goons come into the room and knock Riggs out. The next morning, our hero wakes up in the hotel; realizing that Jake and Nina are connected, and therefore, she might know where he will head next.

Thus, Riggs goes to the station to further question Leo’s fiance. Nina says that she recognizes Jake and that he probably is trying to rip-off one of the safes, placed at various gaming locations. A location which is quickly discerned by the LAPD, thanks to a list made for them by Nina. Unfortunately for the law, Jake’s already in the process of knocking-off the safe. Murtaugh and the other officers take down the game while Riggs chases Jake on foot. The two former friends end up facing-off at a kids arcade. This results in a fight in a ball-pit that ends with Jake finally leaving in handcuffs. Thus, letting Riggs, Molly and Ben to resume their family dynamic.

The next day leads to more family matters. It’s a joyous day for The Murtaughs happily find that the pregnancy test does not belong to their daughter, Riana (Chandler Kinney). To the contrary, Murtaugh discovers that the positive test results are thanks to their neighbor, (the yet to be seen) Lois McNeile. However, this isn’t known to her husband, Jim McNeile (Andrew Patrick Ralston). What stings more though is that the kid isn’t his, due to a vasectomy he got years earlier. Not that Murtaugh makes McNeile privy to this development as it’s not his place. Plus, the two have a prickly neighborly relationship, so Murtaugh finds the situation funny. Much of the time, however, marriage comes before babies. Such is the case later that afternoon as Leo Getz finally gets titularly hitched. (By none other than fan-favorite Phil LaMarr in a brief cameo). Of course, Nina will have to, “Take a little vacay upstate for a bit,” before she and Leo can become everyone’s favorite newlyweds.

I’ve been an avid serialized TV fan since my late teens. As such, I’ve noticed that I tend to begin evaluating seasons as a whole as they start to come to a close. Mind you; I like to look at the season itself first. Following that, I examine it as a part of the series. A piece of a bigger puzzle, if you will. Thus, with Season 2  of this series wrapping up, I’m doing just that. So was this episode on par with the previous episode, which I lauded? To put it bluntly, no; however, it was entertaining. The character of Leo Getz is always a joy to watch. Be it in Joe Pesci’s (of the upcoming film, The Irishmen) in the movie franchise or Thomas Lennon’s (Reno 911!)  portrayal of the character for this show. As much I like the Getz in the movies, I feel that Lennon gets Getz and makes the role his own. Moreover, he manages to maintain the comedic essence of the lovable scamp of an attorney. Therefore, I was happy to see an episode with a case that revolved around him, to an extent. To that end, 2.19 is a fun and entertaining episode.

However, I think that fun and entertaining also proved to be a bit of an issue here. For me, this episode, while being enjoyable, shouted at the top of its lungs, “I’M A FILLER!” It seems as if all the momentum built on all fronts with 2.18 just came to a grinding halt. Unlike many episodes this season, this one had very little emotional heft. Furthermore, what little emotion that was present in this episode was all a rehash of a conflict we’ve previously seen in this series. On top of that, I also found the action to be a bit lacking. With only three episodes remaining this season, I hope that the rest of the season provides us with something a little more substantial. Yes, I realize that this is supposed to be just an entertaining, easy to consume buddy-cop series. However, the show has proven that it can be so much more. Personally, I would like to see such proven potential displayed in these remaining episodes.


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