Free Comic Book Day 2018: Preview Relay’s Zero Issue From Aftershock

by Hannah Means Shannon

This July, a new sci-fi series kicks off at Aftershock, written by Zac Thompson (The Dregs, Cable) and Donny Cates (Doctor Strange, God Country, Thanos) drawn by Andy Clarke (Replica, Batman), and is pretty much set to be a sweeping journey in speculative fiction.

Ahead of that release, Aftershock Comics are offering a zero issue as their feature for Free Comic Book Day 2018 this weekend on May 5th.

Here’s the official description for this teen and older-focused comic:

A story of community, religion, madness and the first planet to succumb to the universe’s biggest paradigm shift. A weary space traveler arrives on a primitive planet lost in the dark ages. The shamanic tribe who resides there are unsettled and uncertain about their future. They rely on hunting and gathering to survive until the charismatic traveler offers a tantalizing and dangerous solution: The Relay. A Monolith designed to spread conformity of ideas, technology and progress across all discovered worlds.

Picking up this zero issue is a great way to gauge whether this new series is for you and should be added to your pull list.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll find in shops this FCBD 2018:

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