Deadpool’s 7-Eleven Invasion Continues While Deadpool 2’s Morena Baccarin Reveals Publicity Van

by Erik Amaya


One of the fun elements of a new Deadpool movie is its marketing schemes, videos and other oddities.

As we mentioned last week, Deadpool took over a 7-Eleven in California with various events and products. According to, the takeover continues nationwide with participating stores stocking special Deadpool merch and an augmented reality experience which allows customers to “meet” Deadpool via a phone app.

Meanwhile, Deadpool 2 co-star Morena Baccarin shared an image of a Portuguese publicity van tailored with the film’s iconography and a special message from Deadpool: “Don’t be a fool, go get your tickets.”

While fun, there is definitely a muted quality to the marketing for the sequel. There are fewer videos and the net doesn’t seem cast as wide as last time; with Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) wishing Australia a happy Australia Day or helping men learn how to screen themselves for testicular cancer. Nonetheless, the stunts will no doubt continue as the film nears its May 18th release date.

Erik Amaya

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