Timeless Review – Season 2, Episode 8: “The Day Reagan Was Shot”

by Rachel Bellwoar

In the end it worked out (better than) okay, but did Agent Christopher pick the wrong day to be late to work. When the Time Team learn they need to travel to March 1981, they understandably think it’s to ensure Reagan survives being shot by John Hinkley Jr. (Erik Stocklin).

Fortunately, Wyatt spots the red dot on young Denise Christopher’s back (played in the 80’s by Karen David). Before he can realize she’s the woman who will grow up to be his boss, Wyatt pushes her out of the way and Denise comes out hurt, but alive.

Abigail Spencer, Claudia Doumit, and Karen David (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Denise was Rittenhouse’s target, not Reagan, but since John Hinkley Jr. doesn’t get caught or arrested, I guess it’s safe to assume Rittenhouse doesn’t care what happens to Reagan. They leave it up to Hinkley to try again (or not) and to fate to answer whether a second attempt would be fatal.

One target at a time is a smart course of action (and Agent Christopher’s the one who’s getting in their way) but this is Rittenhouse. They’re supposed to be all-powerful, and they can’t complete a single task.

Why, for instance, did they use a sleeper agent (Matthew Alan) who isn’t a converted follower, for such an important mission? Have the Time Team put such a dent in their ranks that they couldn’t find someone more loyal?

This sleeper talks about a brother (Bryan Dodds) who believes in the cause. Looking at loose ends like Hinkley, you have to wonder why Rittenhouse didn’t try and control the situation better. They had a second sleeper available. Wyatt later hits this brother with his car (and that’s another problem because nobody hears or notices anything) but this guy should’ve shown his face sooner.

In the end, the timing of Rittenhouse’s unwilling participant seems to point to Timeless paving the way for Jessica’s redemption. Granted, it also draws suspicion on her, since Wyatt learns Jessica’s brother recovered from leukemia, but if this sleeper can feel guilty, so can she, and whether that’s actually what’s going on, Wyatt’s going to want to hold onto that possibility in next week’s two-hour finale.

Claudia Doumit, Abigail Spencer, and Sakina Jaffery (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Other thoughts on “The Day Reagan Was Shot:”

  • Any episode on Agent Christopher was going to be personal, but a lot of Denise’s investigation into Hinkley gets skipped over to focus on preventing her marriage to a man she doesn’t love. Love is the most important thing. Flynn tells present-day Agent Christopher this and he’s right. Agent Christopher’s also a private person so we’re not used to seeing attention put on her wife and kids. I do wish we could’ve watched her work the case more. Alternative history storylines are fascinating, but how many times do you see a TV show discuss Indian and Lebanese culture in one scene?
  • Having marked Agent Christopher as a Very Important Person, is Rittenhouse going to let up or come on stronger, because it sounds like they should pause everything until she’s out of the picture. Note: I do NOT want this to happen but she’s not safe — not even close.
  • Pro, the Time Team splitting up this week: the cool, girl power trio of Lucy, Jiya, and Young Denise.
  • Con, the Time Team splitting up this week: Jiya and Rufus are on a mission together and barely spending time together. Rufus and Wyatt are relegated to a basement setting.
  • Time travel can produce positive change: you heard it from this episode first, as Agent Christopher and her mother have a closer relationship in this timeline and Jiya gets to see the future help somebody.
  • When Lucy confronts Flynn about giving him her journal, I’m surprised she doesn’t bring up her sister, since hypothetically Lucy would’ve known that her sister would disappear when she gave Flynn the book.
  • While I’m a fan of show recaps, this week’s did give away a piece of the plot with the scene of Agent Christopher handing Lucy the USB. From that point on, you knew Lucy was going to tell Denise about time travel.
  • How does Jessica always manage to isolate herself in a tiny bunker? And what kind of a subject changer is “I’m pregnant?”

Timeless‘ two-hour season finale airs Sunday, May 13th at a special time: 9 PM EST on NBC.

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