5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 30: “The Mirror Mage”

by Sage Ashford

We’re back from a recap episode with…another cooldown episode??  Asta and the Black Bulls have a day off, but can Asta manage to survive being attacked by a fellow Knight?  Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. This week’s episode covers just a single chapter of the manga. Now, usually that means the pacing is really off or they added a lot of filler, and this week it’s the latter.  But I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, as we get another brief scene with Asta and Yuno’s old adoptive home. Because they’re both the purest of boys, they’re still sending home nearly all of what they make to the orphanage.

This is the third or fourth time we’ve seen their old home since our heroes left, compared to a whopping zero (!) times in the manga. They’re getting much more development than they ever did in the source material, and it’s hard to get mad about it when Asta’s constantly turning down all these girls who want to date him for the nun at his old home.  Even if it’s only for a few minutes in the down time between major arcs.

I just have one question: if they’re sending home so much money, how come these kids are still eating these crappy tatoes? It’s not the same as potatoes, as they’re constantly described as cheap food of low quality, no matter how it’s prepared. Potatoes are actually pretty good usually, so either Yuki Tabata hates potatoes or they’re eating something vastly inferior that just has a similar name. It made sense when they were scraping by with whatever the church brought in, but they’re getting the pay of two military soldiers now.  Ya’ll can’t get these kids some hamburgers?

2. It’s pay day again, which means our heroes get the day off. In another bit of filler, we flip over to Yuno’s team in the Golden Dawn. They’ve developed into a mini-family, with Mimosa being the supportive sister and Klaus being the proud, tsundere older brother who just wants his kid bro to grow up and be the best. Knowing Yuno sent all his money home, Klaus hands him an even bigger pay from his royal income as congratulations for him being promoted to 1st class Junior Magic Knight. It’s sweet, and little moments like this help keep the attachment to these characters going since otherwise we wouldn’t see them for long stretches of time.

Elsewhere, the Black Bulls are using this opportunity like they use every opportunity: to goof off. Yami wants to go gambling, Vanessa wants to drink, Gauche wants to ogle his kid sister (ugh, more on that later), and Luck wants to…attack the royal capital because he’s bored and wants to fight people. It’s no wonder these guys constantly come in eighth place among the other Guilds.

3. For his day off, Asta decides he’d like to go into the village he, Luck, and Finral went to for their arranged date. He’d promised his date, Rebecca Scarlet, he’d spend some time with her siblings, and so he asks Magna to give him a ride into town.

While he’s there, Asta essentially plays the role of a way too young dad. He spends most of the day babysitting/playing with all of Rebecca’s cousins, all of whom immediately take a liking to him. Afterwards he gets to enjoy a massive meal from her like a dad home after a rough day at work. It’s even suggested Rebecca (who’s got to be at least two or three years Asta’s senior) just go ahead and jump Asta while he’s sleeping by both her eldest cousin…and eerily enough, her baby cousin, too. This is a freaking weird episode.

4. Doubling down on the weirdness, roughly half of this episode is devoted to Gauche. He doesn’t come up much in this column as his contributions are generally just a running gag so small it’s not worth bringing up. But Gauche is a former convict who’s a part of the Magic Knights to take care of his baby sister, Marie. He’s legit obsessed with her, constantly showing people pictures of her, calling her his goddess, and taking every opportunity to bring her into conversation.

At the start of this episode, he’s stomped an entire mountain of guys but decides to spare their life since it’s Marie’s birthday. Now, he only gets to see her once a month because he’s a Magic Knight, so you’d think if he cared he’d immediately go to her place and spend the entire day with her. And, he tries…but since it’s her birthday he gets sidetracked by a kid’s toy store who knows what sort of person he is. They convince him to buy basically everything in the store because he fantasizes about how happy she’ll be and gets nosebleeds over and over. Since nosebleeds are usually shorthand for erections, I guess he’s…getting happiness erections? Ew.

Now, in theory Gauche is actually pretty pure-hearted, but since they keep going for the same joke it just makes you think the guy’s a pedophile. Now he’s not, though they’re happily willing to poke fun at the assumption, but if nothing else, he’s definitely an idiot, because he gets so many nosebleeds he passes out, and wastes the entire day, only showing up to see Marie in the evening. By the time he does, he finds Marie happily playing with Asta (who kids adore, seemingly), and literally falls apart over it. Then she says she wants to marry Asta (as kids commonly do), and he spends the rest of the episode attempting to kill him–totally healthy behavior.

All of this was much more tolerable when it was compressed into a single 22 page chapter of manga, but stretched into an entire normal-length episode of anime it just makes me wish Asta would’ve just fought the guy instead of just asking him to knock it off. Gauche even gets so ticked that he blows a hole in Rebecca’s house, something he should absolutely pay for since she’s an overworked young woman trying to raise her deadbeat brother’s four freaking kids. Although the way this episode ends, there are clearly…different problems to handle.

5. Next Episode: A collection of kids, including Rebecca’s cousins and Gauche’s sister Marie, have been kidnapped by a mysterious mage! Can Asta, Gauche, and Noelle (who tagged along out of fear another girl would steal Asta from her) manage to figure out who and rescue them all?

With only 21 episodes left, if we’re lucky we might be able to fit one more arc in aside from this one. Still, watching the Black Bulls’ Captain finally take the stage is going to be a treat.

Black Clover is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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