5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 31: “Pursuit Over The Snow”

by Sage Ashford

Asta and Gauche track down the mysterious mages responsible for stealing away the children of Nean village! Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. As of right now, Gauche is a trash character, and an even worse older brother. Last week’s episode saw a ton of kids being kidnapped. Literally the entire town of Nean is outside wondering where their children are at, so you’d think Gauche would immediately put two and two together and realize if a bunch of kids were taken, his precious sister is likely gone, too.

But since Gauche is trash, he’s still attempting to kill Asta just for giving her someone to play with. Even when it’s pointed out by the nun who watches Marie’s orphanage, instead of instantly attempting to find his sister, he looks to point blame. He nearly slugs the old woman for failing to protect Marie, until Asta steps in and headbutts the guy. Still inspired by the example of the fallen Fuegoleon, Asta wisely points out how they need to remain calm and figure out what to do next.

The growth Asta’s had is great–though he was always the type to focus on protecting people over personal glory, that he’s able to remain calm in dangerous situations like this makes him prime leadership material once he gains just a bit more experience.

2. Though Noelle tries to tag along with Gauche, the sister, and her precious Asta, she gets told to stay behind in Nean. While she’s there, she alters the Magic Knight headquarters, only to run into the most useless mage of them all, Sekke Bah-ha. Sekke wastes much of his time trying to talk about how amazing he is, and you realize this kid’s life has been off track from the moment Asta back handed him way back in the third episode or so. Like, he was all set to be this relevant member of the Magic Knights, but he got smacked won during the Magic Knight entrance exam and wound up being drafted into the middle of the road, 5th class Green Mantis clan. Now he’s basically doing customer service to connect relevant mages to other, more relevant mages. Life comes at you fast.

3. People claim Yuki Tabata didn’t put much thought into this world, but Black Clover has some surprising depth. The children were kidnapped by a pair of mages so their magic could be extracted and sold to the highest bidders. The two responsible are Neige and Baro–Neige is the white-haired mage who’s snow ability helped him hypnotize the children, but it seems like he’s just going along with whatever Baro commands.

Not that it makes anything what Neige’s engaging in any better. On the contrary, when Gauche’s sister Marie wakes up, he notices she’s broken her spell and claims she must not want to “be his friend”. Now setting aside how friends don’t have any business exploiting you to your utter detriment for their own benefit, when Marie objects to his controlling behavior he immediately backhands her. Because when you can’t control someone into being your friend, attacking them is a great idea.

Nonetheless, this is a great idea, evil though it is. Kidnapping adults who can fight back would be way too much work, and if they escaped and someone got onto you it’s all done.  But grabbing helpless children? They can’t fight back with magic or physically, so they’re the best potential targets for a scheme like this.

4. After Neige and Baro have successfully drained everyone of their magic except Marie, Gauche arrives. He’s just in time for her, but far too late for everyone else–but this episode makes it very explicit the only person he’s ever cared about has been Marie. He and Neige get into a battle, with Neige throwing out snow based techniques easily countered by the more experienced Gauche.

But then Baro gets the bright idea to use Marie as a hostage. It nearly works, as Gauche shuts down and is unable to fight back…until Asta pops up at the last second and separates the two with a quick attack. The duo were already terrified of Gauche alone, but they panic when Asta arrives…until Baro scans Asta for magic and sees nothing. Falling for at this point the stupidest trick in the world, he believes Asta defenseless…then quickly finds himself buried in a wall after being smacked by Asta’s sword.

Turns out, a guy who’s lived his entire life being mocked for having no magic gets really angry when people go around stealing magic from children who already have it. Go figure.

5. Next Episode: The Petit Clover this week is perfect. At the start of the episode, Asta kindly introduces Noelle and Rebecca to one another. He doesn’t know any better, so he’s honest about who they are to him: Noelle’s his teammate in the Black Bulls, and Rebecca’s his new friend with awesome siblings he plays with. They immediately realize they’re competition, so when Rebecca starts panicking during the Petit Clover, Noelle decides to take her mind off it with a quiz…one made up entirely of questions about Asta. Honestly sometimes the Petit Clover shorts are the best thing about this show.

In any case, things are about to get serious again, as the Magic Knights respond to Noelle’s call!

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