Robots Vs. Princesses: The Greatest Crossover We Didn’t Know We Wanted

by James Ferguson

With all the mash-ups and match ups we’ve seen in comics over the years, I can safely say that I never thought of what would happen if robots fought princesses. This August, Dynamite Entertainment will show us what that showdown would look like in a new series aptly titled Robots Vs. Princesses.

The all-ages story, written by Todd Matthy and illustrated by Nicolas Chapuis blends the fairy tale world of princesses and dragons with the action-packed science fiction epic of giant robots. The comic centers on plucky Princess Zara as she stumbles upon the Decimator defector Wheeler. The duo will have to work together to save the Kingdom.

Writer Todd Matthy says:

All-ages fun that does not talk down to children. The book that bridges the gap between brother and sister while at the same time delighting parents.’ That would be my quote. I wanted to create a comic for kids that not only respected their intelligence and curiosity, but their desire to become ‘grownups.’ I also wanted to create a comic that parents could read over and over again to their kids and not be bored by. A book they’d enjoy, too. If parents and children want to know what happens next, it’ll foster a love of reading and a mutually shared experience. Also, I wanted to create a book that adults without children could enjoy because it transports them back to their childhood.

Editor Kevin Ketner adds:

Todd and Nic have done an amazing job of creating this world that any kid would immediately fall in love with. Even adults. Legally, I’m an adult and I think this is awesome. I’m excited for kids and parents to read about this tough, cool princess and her friends joining up with robots to destroy evil. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you don’t know how to have fun.

Robots vs. Princesses began as a Kickstarter campaign, which I backed myself. Dynamite Entertainment picked it up and will be distributing the comic to stores. The first issue features a cover by Nicolas Chapuis and is set for release in August 2018. It will be solicited in the June issue of Diamond Previews.

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