The Sharg Threat Is Met With A Last Ditch Attack In Mech Cadet Yu #9

by James Ferguson

The Sharg are rocketing towards Earth with a legion of monsters ready to destroy everything we hold dear. All that stands between us and total annihilation is a rag-tag group of big robots and their equally rag-tag pilots. With one exception, these are not soldiers. This team is made up of the support staff and a handful of cadets. This is a crew of hard-working folks who are taking matters into their own hands to fight back this threat. The stakes could not be higher and they are equally matched by the excitement in Mech Cadet Yu #9.

Skip, the resident soldier, is leading the charge and organizing the team into attack formation. They’ve got one shot to destroy a massive ship filled with Sharg eggs. To make matters worse, the military is back on Earth, shouting commands at them, demanding that they return home. In order to save the world, they’ll need to risk everything.

The military’s plan is downright evil. They’ve been creating a large mech called Hero Force Two Suprarobo, powered by the hearts of the robots that have come to the aid of Earth every year. This is absolutely heartbreaking, as we’ve seen the cadets and other characters bond with their mechs over the course of the series. It would be like asking a kid to kill his dog to build a bigger, better dog. That is just so messed up.

This heartless quality comes through in Takeshi Miyazawa’s artwork. The head of Central Command barks orders at the troops without a care as to what this would mean to the pilots, let alone the message it would send to wherever the robots come from. She is so very cold and emotionless.

This contrasts with the heart of the cadets, particularly with Stanford, who is ready to fight back the entire Sharg army with his undersized mech if need be. I absolutely love how Miyazawa puts these little balloons next to some of the robots to give a shot of the human inside. It adds some additional emotion to the battle that you wouldn’t get with an image of the mechs alone.

The action in Mech Cadet Yu #9 is top notch. If this was a movie, there would be a booming soundtrack as the mechs rush into battle. They all work together and make an efficient team, but there’s no perfect plan when it comes to dealing with the Sharg. There are so many tense moments that I was gripping this book with clenched fists while reading it. As a reminder, some of these folks are just kids. They’re out in space fighting big alien monsters and that is downright terrifying.

Colorist Jessica Kholine makes the Sharg look completely different from the finely detailed mechs. They’re rougher and more savage, like they just don’t belong in this plane of existence. This really is an otherworldly threat. The explosions from the mechs’ attacks, as well as the fire from their jet-powered feet lights up the darkness of space light little shiny beacons of hope.

The final pages of Mech Cadet Yu #9 made me audibly gasp as I read them. It is a shocking closer that will leave you begging for more. Seriously, when is the next issue and why can’t it come out tomorrow? Writer Greg Pak has crammed so much action, heart, and good old-fashioned sci-fi into Mech Cadet Yu, making it a total package of awesome.

Mech Cadet Yu #9 from Boom! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.