A Dope Sounding New Title: Burnouts By Culver, Geoffo And Image Comics

by Oliver MacNamee

Writer Dennis Culver (E Is for Extinction) and artist Geoffo (layout artist for Marvel Rising) join forces for a new ongoing series in Burnouts launching this September from Image Comics. And, given the series’ premise, something tells me this is going to be a dope comic. Literally and figuratively.

To save their friends and families, a group of high school teenagers must fight off an attack on their town by a secret alien invasion… but they can only see the aliens if they’re completely wasted.

“Think John Carpenter’s They Live meets Freaks & Geeks,” says Geoffo. “This is how Dennis pitched me the series, and once I heard that, I couldn’t wait to draw this crazy fun thing! I’m so eager to share it with the world. You’re gonna love it, and you don’t even have to get high to enjoy the ride!”

“The Burnouts are the wrong crowd that your parents always worried you’d fall in with at school—and they’re mankind’s last hope,” adds Culver. “I can’t wait for people to read this book! Geoffo and I have cooked up a great comic filled with teen angst, violence, and dark humor.”

Burnouts #1 hits stores on Wednesday, September 19th. The final order cutoff for retailers is Monday, August 27th.

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