The Weatherman #2 Gets A Snazzy Wraparound Cover From Nathan Fox

by Hannah Means Shannon

The Weatherman has been taking off at Image Comics, with the first issue taking shops by storm, and now the publisher have revealed that issue #2 will have a special wraparound cover for the series by Jody LeHeup (Shirtless Bear Fighter) and Nathan Fox (DMZ, Haunt, Dark Reign: Zodiac). This limited cover will feature artwork by Fox and will hit select stores this July.

For those who are new to the series, The Weatherman follows Nathan Bright, who seemed to have an enviable and easy life as Mars’s only weatherman. When he’s accused of carrying out the worst terrorist attack in human history, an act that destroyed nearly all of Earth’s population, he becomes the most wanted man alive. We aren’t sure if Nathan is the person who was responsible, as readers, and aren’t helped by Nathan, since he can’t remember, either. It’s a fascinating and beautifully illustrated book so far.

The Weatherman #2 Cover A (Diamond Code MAY180284), The Weatherman #2 Cover B (Diamond Code MAY180285), and The Weatherman #2 Cover C (Limited, Diamond Code MAY188886) wraparound cover will be available on Wednesday, July 18th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, June 25th.

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