5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 38: “The Magic Knight Captains Conference”

by Sage Ashford

The team finally recovers from their mission fighting against the Midnight Sun! Elsewhere, the Wizard King learns there’s a traitor in their army. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. In its quieter moments, Black Clover makes for a pretty cute harem story. Asta’s oblivious like the vast majority of harem protagonists, but unlike those twerps it’s obvious why he’s so likable–he’s earnest, stands up for his beliefs and protects what he cares about with his life. At the same time, outside of Vanessa they don’t ever go that far in objectification–instead all of the women are presented as competent characters and usually some of the most powerful and effective members of the Magic Knight army, meaning the skeevier elements of harem series are kept to a minimum. Of course, now I bet they decide to do beach episode in the next month. Sigh.

Also, I can’t put into words how much life I get from watching Noelle lose Asta to everyone because she’s too busy tsundere’ing all over the place to admit she loves him. Mimosa has no problem showing affection and watching over him as a healer, Rebecca steals his first kiss, and Asta’s in love with a woman who’s promised herself to God. That’s right, somehow Noelle’s coming fourth place behind a woman who’s taken a vow of celibacy. Such should be the fate of every person who can’t admit their feelings and shows affection the same way kindergartners would.

2. The Black Bulls might be the most dysfunctional guild of all, but they’re also the one that’s most like a family. In honor of Asta being the MVP of their last mission, stalling long enough for the Captains to show up while successfully taking down Sally, Baro, and Valtos, they hold a tatoe pie eating contest courtesy of Charmy’s cotton cooks.

Most of them happily participate, and we get another hint of just how dangerous Finral could be if he wasn’t more focused on finding a date rather than winning fights: he teleports food into Luck’s stomach to avoid having to eat anything. This is basically tacitly admitting Finral could kill anyone he wanted by shoving weapons and magic bombs into their stomachs, but of course comedy abilities and action abilities aren’t the same.  Everyone knows that, right?

3. I’m not sure if Marx, the Wizard King’s assistant, has the most useful ability an intelligence officer could have…or if he’s completely worthless. After Asta finally recovers the King invites him back to the capital to handle some business…which we learn involves Asta using his powers to break the memory seal the captured Midnight Eye terrorists have on them.

Now, the ability to read minds seems like the best thing someone in his particular line of work could have. But the problem here is…he can’t break through supposed memory locks?  Okay, but…wouldn’t everyone who would go far enough to attack a whole kingdom place some kind of seal on their soldiers’ memories? What’d they do before Asta came along?

4. Granted, as useless as Marx seems to be it’s not any worse than the rest of the Magic Knight captains. While Marx, the Wizard King, and Asta are trying to do real work, they spend their time arguing and threatening to kill one another.  It doesn’t even seem like a friendly rivalry, it just feels more like they can’t get along and actually get any work done. No wonder they can’t get anything done against an organization that consists of wildly disparate personalities who largely don’t know how to follow orders–they’re the same thing, they’re just government sponsored.

5. This is kind of hard to comment on, since I follow the manga and am completely aware of what’s happening dozens of chapters ahead. But the end of Marx’s investigation leads to them inviting all of the Captains to learn the truth: their army has been infiltrated by a traitor. Granted, that’s more of a hook to bring us to next week’s episode than anything, since it’s been obvious from the invasion arc someone was giving away information, but the big shock here is it’s one of their Captains!

….Though to be honest, as useful as their Captains have been thus far they probably couldn’t do much more damage if they operated on the other side.

Black Clover is available on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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