Who Will Be The Last One Standing? Maisie Williams Says Goodbye To Game Of Thrones Filming

by Christine Marie Attardo

So, it’s Summer. It’s Summer and we have no new Game of Thrones episodes to watch. It’s an awful thing. What do we do instead? We hunt social media to see what the actors in the show are up to. One actress, Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark, finished filming a few days ago and she shared this photo:

Last month she tweeted:

So, we know she’s excited about her life and all, but what’s with the bloody shoes? You can’t just leave us with that, Maisie! Those hashtags are going to torture us for a whole year now. Will the Starks be the last ones standing? Will Arya be? Perhaps the #barely means she almost is the last one standing? Do you see how the questions can spiral?

Game of Thrones has to be one of the most successful TV shows around, bringing attention to George R.R. Martin’s books from people who don’t even look at books. The biggest mystery still remains as to how the phenomenal series will come to an end. Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Here’s hoping for more clues like this from cast members in the coming months. Until then, I’m re-watching the entire series. It’s not Summer if you’re not watching Game of Thrones. 

You can stream seasons 1-7 on HBO Go and/or HBO NOW.

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