SDCC 2018: Mondo Product Release Schedule

by Oliver MacNamee

As always with Mondo, there’s high demand and great prints, pins and other good stuff available all weekend long, with the odd surprise too. And, this year’s SDCC isn’t going to be any different. From the moments the doors open (whoops, that’s probably already happened) there will be an array of goodies to try and grab. Tale a look at the full release schedule now, but do stick around here to see some of the product available I’d be buying if I was only there with you all.

Thursday, for example, sees Mondo favourite, Matt Taylor, offer up a Marvel cinematic 10th anniversary screen print:

Friday includes prints focussing on fan favourite films like The Dark Crystal (Ken Taylor) and a variety of Jurassic Park and World prints too:

Come Saturday you could pick up a Shape of The Water print by Daniel Danger (should his surname be his middle name?) and Sunday sees the realest of another Matt Taylor print for Avengers Infinity Wars.

For those of us not going, there are a few we can purchase online. That’s if we’re quick enough.

As always, I wish you happy hunting and I hope you get the prints, pins, etc. you want.

Have a great weekend.

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