Orange is the New Black’s Diane Guerrero Joins DC’s Doom Patrol As Crazy Jane

by Erik Amaya


Doom Patrol will have at least one key player from the Grant Morrison run when it debuts next year.

According to Deadline, Orange is the New Black‘s Diane Guerrero will join the DC Universe series as Crazy Jane. Created by Morrison and artist Richard Case as part of an expansion and re-invention of the Doom Patrol in 1989, Kay Challis found her 64 personalities suddenly had super-powers personalities after The Dominators set off a gene bomb during the Invasion! crossover event. But prior to the gene bomb, Kay suffered from Dissociative Personality Disorder as a result of a number of traumas in her life. Meeting Robotman Cliff Steele in an asylum, the two became close and Kay — taking the name Jane — soon joined the Doom Patrol during one of its more surreal phases.

Guerrero and Jane join the original Doom Patrol line-up — Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and The Chief — when the show debuts next year. The team will make their first appearance in an episode of DC Universe’s Titans, though it appears all of the actors playing the Doom Patrol except April Bowby, who plays Elasti-girl, will be recast. In whatever the form the Doom Patrol takes, they were be called into action when Cyborg arrives with a mission they cannot ignore.

Deadline also notes The Exorcist Jeremy Carver is writing the show, which is a definitely plus for the series. If you haven’t watched The Exorcist, give it a shot as it is a remarkable little horror show and way better than any TV show based on a classic film has any right to be.

Doom Patrol will debut on DC Universe in 2019.

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