There’s Nowhere Left To Hide In Redneck #13

by Brendan M. Allen

With life at its absolute lowest for the Bowman family, they’re forced to turn to a clan Bartlett had hoped to avoid for the rest of his very long life—a clan led by his ex, July.

Seriously, every time you think Donny Cates is done beating down the Bowman clan, he throws in another massive twist. At the end of chapter 12, Bartlett and Perry barely escaped the standoff between Landry’s clutch and SWAT. As Redneck #13 opens, the pair is stranded in the desert with no cover from the rising sun. Immediate salvation comes by way of an unexpected reunion, but the Bowmans still need a miracle to survive the long game.

The way the pieces are falling, it’s obvious Donny Cates had these characters, relationships, and events mapped out well prior to starting this series. Each arc builds off the last in brilliant and shocking ways. Cates continually has his audience looking left while he throws the right hook.

Lisandro Estherren gets to flex some different artistic muscles in this installment. Chapter 13 is light on the gore, until we get to that final nauseating cliffhanger. There are some really interesting new set pieces and characters, and we even get a few (gasp) daylight scenes. All that raw Texas grit and visceral emotion you’ve come to expect are still here, we’ve just shifted scenes.

This is a brilliant jumping on point for newcomers to the series. I mean, you’ll definitely want to go back and grab the first two arcs in trade, because they’re freaking fantastic, but if you haven’t been following along, this is a great spot to get in.

Redneck #13, published by Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment, released 25 August 2018. Written by Donny Cates, art/cover by Lisandro Estherren, color by Dee Cuniffe, letters by Joe Sabino, SDCC exclusive cover by Geoff Shaw.

Brendan M. Allen

Brendan Allen has probably had more jobs than you would reasonably believe. Dog trainer? He’s done it. Flooring contractor? You bet! EMT? Army NBC specialist? Road dog for a Celtic rock band? Yes, yes, and och aye! Now he reads comics and writes about them. It's a rough gig. You can follow Brendan on Twitter @SaintAmish where he tweets about comic books and cystic fibrosis awareness.

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