The Sci-Fi Twist You Might Not Expect: Extinction Premieres On Netflix

by Christine Marie Attardo

Last weekend brought the premiere of Netflix’s new original movie, ExtinctionThe movie stars Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan who make a good combination from the start. So, what’s it all about? Main character Peter starts to suffer from recurring nightmares about a destructive and unknown force. When the big attack comes, he has to find the courage to save his family from the extraterrestrials.


With that said, things get pretty intense in a movie where the first half hour leaves you kind of wondering when the action will begin. Once it starts, it does not stop. Though, while watching it, I started to realize that the two main characters weren’t behaving much like you’d expect two humans trying to protect their family to act. Just when my interest started to fade, an unexpected twist came. Turns out, the extraterrestrial beings that are attacking are not attacking humans, they are attacking robots. Yep, this was a war against the artificial intelligence that had taken over the planet.

As soon as that realization became clear, I was hooked. Everything that seemed a little off or boring in the beginning of the movie finally made sense. All along, we had been watching a robot family, and now the humans are coming after them. It’s really cool how it all comes together.

Extinction is only an hour and a half long, but it’s actually the perfect length of time. Any longer and the story would have felt dragged out. You have to see this movie for yourself, trust me.

Stream it now on Netflix.

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